Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Publically Speaking - Our Press Release

Three Ladies Leaping set to take a Leap of Faith in support of Camp Trailblazers

I am one of three crazy ladies with a passion for compassion who are willing to take a flying leap out of an airplane in support of Camp Trailblazers. Why? Because we believe that some things are more important than fear and this is one of them.!

Camp Trailblazers is a camp for children 10-17 with facial differences. It is a magical place full of fun and friendship. It's a place where it doesn't matter what you look like, it matters who you are, on the inside. It's a place where kids are free to be, without fear of rejection or bullying. It's a place that builds self esteem and confidence.

As a parent of a child born with cleft lip and palate, and as an educator with 20 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and Intervention I am aware of the challenges children with facial differences face on a daily basis. For children born with other exceptionalities there is often a choice of disclosure, how much info you share, when and with who. But for a child born with a facial difference there is no hiding, their differences are visible from birth onward. This makes it difficult for them to form friendships and participate in group activities, it affects their self identity. Often they are teased and bullied by other children. Even if they are accepted by a peer group they still often lack confidence. Often they will isolate and draw inward for protection. That's why Camp Trailblazers is so important. These children need a place where what they look like does not matter. They need friendship and support of others who have been there, who understand how they are feeling.

That is why I am participating in the Leap of Faith fundraiser. My team Three Ladies Leaping consists of myself Christine Nayler, my sister Janice Weir, and friend Michelle Rich. We are willing to look fear in the face and jump out of an airplane because we care about these kids and we want to do all we can to send as many of them as we can to Camp Trailblazers. This event will take place on July 18th, 2009 in Cookstown.

YOU can join and support us on this journey by contributing to our team fundraising efforts. We need to raiser $3000 by July 3rd to qualify for jumping. We have set our goals higher hoping to raise $ 5000. We are counting on our wonderful friends and family to help us get there. We're not asking you to jump out of an airplane or anything crazy like that ... were just asking you to join us on Leap of Faith journey by linking to our page on Facebook- Three Ladies Leaping, following our adventures at, and/or making a financial contribution however big or small.

Please help spread the word about our efforts. We'd love for you and your friends to join us, the more the merrier we say!

For further information on this event go to:

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