Monday, June 22, 2009

I think I can

I visited Skydive Toronto earlier today to tour the facilities and learn a little more about what exactly is involved in taking a Leap of Faith. It was a lovely day and several jumpers were just suiting up for their very first tandem jump. I watched the instructors completing safety checks and giving pep talks to the jumpers. Pilots were checking their engines and getting ready for take off. I could feel the adrenaline racing inside me. Wow! I thought as I watched the jumpers heading out to the runway, soon that will be me! I have to be honest, a bit of fear began to well up inside me, What was I thinking? I thought. The planes took off and all us onlookers rushed over to get a closer look. With my new camera ready for action I raced over to the drop zone. We watched and waited, waited and watched, Where did the plane go? When was it coming back? Then suddenly out of the clear blue we saw a flash of colour, floating, floating, softly, slowly,(or so it looked from our vantage point), towards the ground. We watched them swoop and swirl before landing quite safely on the ground. Jumper and instructor unhitched themselves from each other and the parachute and headed towards the cheering crowd. Ready for jump number two. Again out of the clear blue poof another flash of colour swirling and twirling towards the ground, wait no, towards the roof, towards the runway, towards us, no towards the target. Whooo, another successful landing! Two out of two ain't bad. After getting initial reactions from the jumpers I was feeling alot more confident. I can do this!I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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