Sunday, June 28, 2009

tick tock

The clock is ticking ever closer towards our fundraising deadline. We need to raise $3000.00 for the cause by July 3rd to qualify for jumping. We are not quitters, we are not giving up on our dream. We still believe, we can make a difference! Being under a time crunch has pushed us to resort to new levels of fundraising. We ain't too proud to beg. So here we are now Three Ladies Begging. Imagine if you chose to forgo that Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha or Skinny Latte for one day, or gave up a week of Timmy's in support of Camp Trailblazers. Imagine if you brown bagged it for lunch. Choosing to put that money to good use, choosing to support the Leap of Faith we are taking. In the grand scheme of things you won't even miss the coffee, your usual caffeine jolt will be replaced by a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The feeling of knowing you unselfishly helped make a kid's dream come true. Knowing that your gift of a few dollars went far towards blessing a child with a lifetime of feel good memories of their time at Camp Trailblazers. From the bottom of heart we beg you.... Do Good!!!

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

Monday, June 22, 2009

I think I can

I visited Skydive Toronto earlier today to tour the facilities and learn a little more about what exactly is involved in taking a Leap of Faith. It was a lovely day and several jumpers were just suiting up for their very first tandem jump. I watched the instructors completing safety checks and giving pep talks to the jumpers. Pilots were checking their engines and getting ready for take off. I could feel the adrenaline racing inside me. Wow! I thought as I watched the jumpers heading out to the runway, soon that will be me! I have to be honest, a bit of fear began to well up inside me, What was I thinking? I thought. The planes took off and all us onlookers rushed over to get a closer look. With my new camera ready for action I raced over to the drop zone. We watched and waited, waited and watched, Where did the plane go? When was it coming back? Then suddenly out of the clear blue we saw a flash of colour, floating, floating, softly, slowly,(or so it looked from our vantage point), towards the ground. We watched them swoop and swirl before landing quite safely on the ground. Jumper and instructor unhitched themselves from each other and the parachute and headed towards the cheering crowd. Ready for jump number two. Again out of the clear blue poof another flash of colour swirling and twirling towards the ground, wait no, towards the roof, towards the runway, towards us, no towards the target. Whooo, another successful landing! Two out of two ain't bad. After getting initial reactions from the jumpers I was feeling alot more confident. I can do this!I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Imagine all the people
giving just 5 bucks.
Alone it seems so little,
combined it does so much!

When you reach into your pocket
and offer me a five,
know you will be helping
to keep the dream alive!

Then when I take my Leap of Faith
in support of all the kids,
your heart can fill with gladness
at all the good your 5 dollars did!

I thank you from the heart,
I thank you from my soul,
your kind contribution
will do more good
than you could ever know!

FYI- Making donations.
To make a cash or cheque contribution contact me, I’ll be happy to accept your donation. Cheques are made payable to AboutFace, all donations over $20 will be provided with a tax receipt.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Appearing Live

One Lady Leaping is set to make her TV debut this morning on Rogers Cable 10 television. Christine will be appearing on Daytime live at 11am to discuss Leap of Faith, what it is, why she is doing it and who it helps. Tune in to hear her passionately promoting the Camp Trailblazers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Publically Speaking - Our Press Release

Three Ladies Leaping set to take a Leap of Faith in support of Camp Trailblazers

I am one of three crazy ladies with a passion for compassion who are willing to take a flying leap out of an airplane in support of Camp Trailblazers. Why? Because we believe that some things are more important than fear and this is one of them.!

Camp Trailblazers is a camp for children 10-17 with facial differences. It is a magical place full of fun and friendship. It's a place where it doesn't matter what you look like, it matters who you are, on the inside. It's a place where kids are free to be, without fear of rejection or bullying. It's a place that builds self esteem and confidence.

As a parent of a child born with cleft lip and palate, and as an educator with 20 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and Intervention I am aware of the challenges children with facial differences face on a daily basis. For children born with other exceptionalities there is often a choice of disclosure, how much info you share, when and with who. But for a child born with a facial difference there is no hiding, their differences are visible from birth onward. This makes it difficult for them to form friendships and participate in group activities, it affects their self identity. Often they are teased and bullied by other children. Even if they are accepted by a peer group they still often lack confidence. Often they will isolate and draw inward for protection. That's why Camp Trailblazers is so important. These children need a place where what they look like does not matter. They need friendship and support of others who have been there, who understand how they are feeling.

That is why I am participating in the Leap of Faith fundraiser. My team Three Ladies Leaping consists of myself Christine Nayler, my sister Janice Weir, and friend Michelle Rich. We are willing to look fear in the face and jump out of an airplane because we care about these kids and we want to do all we can to send as many of them as we can to Camp Trailblazers. This event will take place on July 18th, 2009 in Cookstown.

YOU can join and support us on this journey by contributing to our team fundraising efforts. We need to raiser $3000 by July 3rd to qualify for jumping. We have set our goals higher hoping to raise $ 5000. We are counting on our wonderful friends and family to help us get there. We're not asking you to jump out of an airplane or anything crazy like that ... were just asking you to join us on Leap of Faith journey by linking to our page on Facebook- Three Ladies Leaping, following our adventures at, and/or making a financial contribution however big or small.

Please help spread the word about our efforts. We'd love for you and your friends to join us, the more the merrier we say!

For further information on this event go to:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The story of A Thousand Planes

Once upon a time there was a mother, who many years ago gave birth to a bright-eyed beautiful baby boy. When she first held him in her arms all she could see was his beauty. Her heart grew a 1000 sizes that day to make room for all the love she had for him. She was shocked when the doctors told her there was something wrong with him, because she could see him only through a mother’s eye. And through a mother's eyes every baby is perfectly beautiful. Ryan she was told had been born with a common birth defect called Cleft Lip and Palate, there would be many challenges he would face, first with feeding, speech may be difficult, there would be many hospital stays and surgeries. ..

Though she knew they faced a difficult journey Ryan’s mother was not scared. She knew faith would carry them. They were not on this journey alone, and with every step they took they met people that were further along than they were. These people included doctors, nurses, therapists, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and other children born with facial differences. As Ryan got further along in his journey he and his mother often looked backed with encouragement cheering on those children that were following in his footsteps.

Though the days of hospital stays and surgeries are now behind them, they have never forgotten all they learned along that journey and all the smiling faces that brightened those stressful and uncertain days.

Throughout the years Ryan’s mom’s heart kept on growing to make room for all the children that had touched them. The children they shared hospital rooms with, that keep them company in orthodontic doctor and dentist waiting rooms. She never forgot any of these children and kept for them a special place in her heart.

When she stumbled across the Leap for Faith challenge in support of Camp Trailblazers she jumped in heart first believing wholeheartedly in the healing powers of such a place.

Remembering a story about a young Japanese girl that used the ancient art of origami to promote peace and bring about awareness of the tragedies of war. She decided to borrow from this idea and use the not so ancient art of paper airplanes to bring awareness to the many challenges facing children with facial difference and raise support for Camp Trailblazers.

She quickly set out to purchase the most brightly coloured paper imaginable then returned home to start folding. Her sister stopped in for coffee one day and curiously asked about all the airplanes. Christine explained what she was doing and her sister responded with
‘I want to help you’ Christine handed her a pile of paper and they began folding together.
‘ I want to hold your hand’ said Janice, ‘jump with you, for Ryan, and all the other children’
Christine stopped and stared at her sister, ‘okay’ she said as she hugged her, ‘I’m glad your in’.

Soon paper planes were being spotted everywhere, in parks, on beaches, even in shopping malls and donut shops .Word spread about the Leap of Faith they were taking and friends, family and even strangers were there to support them, with words of encouragement, help with the folding, and donations.

One friend Michele got so caught up in the spirit and excitement this Leap of Faith was creating that she put her heart on the line and joined in. Now there were three. Three Ladies Leaping. Three crazy ladies with parachutes,who committed themselves to jumping out of an airplane because they knew faith would carry them on the wings of love.

Sometimes you just have to take the leap
and build your wings on the way down.
Kobi Yamada

Taking a Leap of Faith

Jumping out of an airplane was never something I desired or imagined. It was not on the top of my bucket list, or anywhere for that matter on my list of 202 things to do during my lifetime. At one point in time just stepping onto an airplane seemed a challenge insurmountable. But with a little, ok a lot of coaching and coddling, with a family full of cheerleaders chanting ‘you can do it, you can do it’ I took the steps needed to put that fear in the past.

I believe everything happens for a reason and life takes us where we need to go and life knows when we need to go there. This year has been a transition year in my life; I welcomed my first grandchild into the world, became unemployed and am currently in the process of starting my own business. I thought that was enough on my plate for this year until I semi -accidently stumbled across the Leap of Faith challenge.

There I was innocently minding my own business, casually surfing cyberspace while savouring a mouthwatering cup of coffee when a full dose of fear/courage combined hit me smack in the face.! I was checking out the AboutFace website to see if there were any upcoming events that I wanted to participate in when I clicked on link that directed to the Leap of Faith fundraising challenge. As I read about this event my heart started to beat faster, I felt a rush of adrenaline race through my veins and crazy thoughts began flying through my head. ‘This is nuts, Christine’ I said to myself as I removed myself from my computer chair and went for a short walk around the house to clear my head.

After sufficient time to return my senses had passed I sat back down in front of my computer and reread the details. This is not so crazy I thought, ‘I can do this’ I said. Jumping out of an airplane takes a minute amount of courage compared to courage exhibited everyday by my son Ryan and the hundred of thousand kids born with facial differences. I owe it to my son, to the nurses and doctors, to the other children and families that supported us through his many surgeries and hospital stays. I owe it to myself to find in me the courage to conquer the fears that hold me back from experiencing all life has to offer.

Before I could change my mind I clicked on the Jump or Pledge link and quickly filled out the registration form. That was the easy part, now comes the task of preparing myself emotionally and physically for taking this Leap of Faith. Then comes the task of putting my mouth and pen where my heart is and getting the word out there so I can gain all the support I can for this wonderful cause. Each jumper must raise a minimum of $1000 to qualify. The sky is the limit for me; I am setting my goal above and beyond that $5000+++. I might miss my target but I’ll still land among the stars.

I’ve always been an optimist. I am taking this Leap in Faith with my eyes and heart wide open. But even if the worst case scenario happens and I land SPLAT! On my face, my kids will be there to pick up my pieces, and faithfully they’ll put to good use the publicity they can make from that.

To learn more AboutFace and the Leap of Faith fundraiser in support of Camp Trailblazers visit:

AboutFace -

Leap of Faith-

I am no longer alone. My sister Janice Weir and friend Michelle Rich are joining me. Follow our Leap of Faith Journey here.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon